Details of forthcoming Saturday     Night 

                                                            Live   Entertainment   

               NOVEMBER  /  DECEMBER  2018




            The Concert Room



                   ENTERTAINMENT   2018


                   November  /  December

24th  Nov.   Late change of group -

                             Now    KICK   Band


1st   Dec.    Betcha By Golly  Wow


8th   Dec.    Mystified


15th Dec.    Band  of  Brothers


22nd  Dec.  Livvy and the  Noize


28th  Dec.  KIDS  PANTO  PARTY  ( 12  -- 4pm )

  featuring    ICE  AGE  and the  MELTDOWN


29th  Dec.  MAXXED  OUT  ( from Leeds )


31st  Dec.  New Years Eve  Show :-

  9TH   AVENUE    10 Piece  Band   Tickets £7.50











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